When Life Holds Up a Mirror… Damn it!

Let others be a mirror - Mantra Monday with Sierra

Has this happened to you? On my Facebook page, I recently shared one of my hero’s uncomfortable realizations, and I asked if anyone had a similar experience. In Billionaire’s Matchmaker, Rafe manages to recognize his own failings when his father’s reckless behavior hurts other people.

At times, others’ behavior holds an uncomfortable mirror to my own imperfections. At times that makes me want to run and hide. But even though it’s not easy, I try to embrace that discomfort as a way to grow.

This question really seemed to resonate with some people. The answers I received were deeply revealing, and I appreciate everyone’s honesty.

Here are some really interesting thoughts to consider…

A friend shared that her own failings are what I’m most judgmental about in others.

Another shared that he’s constantly challenge himself to be self aware. “Often when trying to look at me through others eye’s I cringe a bit and turn the ship a bit.” This was so profound that I need to challenge myself to do likewise.

This answer was really insightful… “Sometimes, it’s really painful to step back and examine what I’ve done “wrong.” More often I find that I get upset over something and several hours later piece together why someone might have chosen that specific action. After I rationalize and figure out the unspoken portion of what happened I find I got myself worked up over nothing.”

I really resonated with this… “When I see other people lose their temper, and how ugly they are it makes me not want to do that anymore.”

Here’s to you. Here’s to you living you best life and continuing to blossom into the person you want to be.

XXOO, Sierra





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