Reading Order List

All of my books are standalones with happily ever afters!  That means you can read in any order. There are a couple of series that will make more sense if you read in the order they were written. Those are noted with an asterisk. And you may enjoy seeing some familiar characters that way.
Happy reading!

Love, Sierra


  • Sexiest Billionaire
  • Billionaire’s Matchmaker
  • Billionaire’s Christmas
  • Determined Billionaire
  • Scandalous Billionaire
  • Ruthless Billionaire
  • Collections:
  • Titans Billionaires
  • Titans Billionaires Firsts

Titans: Captivated

  • Theirs to Hold
  • Theirs to Love
  • Theirs to Wed
  • Theirs to Treasure
  • Collection:
  • Yours To Love

Titans: Sin City

  • Hard Hand
  • Slow Burn
  • All-In
  • Collection:
  • Yours To Love

Titans: The Quarter

  • His to Claim
  • His to Love
  • His to Cherish
  • Collection:
  • Billionaires’ Quarter

Titans Quarter Holidays

  • His Christmas Gift
  • His Christmas Wish
  • His Christmas Wife

Titans: The Reserve

  • Tease Me


  • Come to Me
  • Trust in Me
  • Meant for Me
  • Hold On To Me
  • Believe in Me
  • Collections:
  • Here for Me
  • Beg for Me

Hawkeye Denver*

  • Initiation
  • Temptation
  • Determination


  • Crave
  • Claim
  • Command