What About Julien Bonds?

BONDS Series

I’m happy to announce that Julien Bonds’s stories are coming your way in 2019! I’ve secured the rights to publish the Genius’s stories. And yes, I mean stories. I wrote his book, and of course, he wants more than one. (Of course he does, right?)

I’ll be bringing you another installment in the Hawkeye series in early 2019, followed by a Titans release—Bad Boy Billionaire. And wait, oh, wait, until you see the cover!


Sierra answers questions:

Growing up in England, my nickname was Bossy Britches. I’ve run a company, and now I write books about submissive women who yield to strong, alpha male Dominants. And I don’t see that as a conundrum.
Submissives are some of the strongest women (oh, yes, and men!) around.
What makes a BDSM relationship unique is the expectation of honesty. The people in a scene set up rules and have agreements. They oftentimes have code words to let their partner know when something is scary or too close to the edge. The honest dialogue intensifies the emotional connection. There’s no hiding allowed in my books. My characters are stripped bare, emotionally as well as physically.


Why did you make the switch from writing traditional romances to erotic romances?

I wanted to explore more complex emotional and physical relationship dynamics, but within the guidelines of the romance genre. I’m a sucker for alpha males, strong heroines, scorching sex scenes, and an uplifting ending. Erotic romance also leaves open the possibility for happily for now (or HFN) endings, which are fun, too.


Does the term “Mommy Porn” bother you?

We love to invent hip new terms, it makes things more personal, understandable, and even fun and endearing. (Anyone remember the term bodice rippers to describe romance novels?) And now, we’ve got a new term, Glitter Kink to describe larger-than-life characters like those found in Fifty Shades of Grey. As long as people are buying and reading, I don’t spend a lot of time getting upset over it.

“Mommy Porn” is a play on words that describes the women (and men) who read erotic romance. It gets attention, even if isn’t entirely a fitting description. This Mommy is a woman with desires and who’s unapologetic about it. And really, why should we be embarrassed by the need and desire for sex? I think we should embrace it, smartly.

Erotic romance speaks to the woman she is, a competent, capable, superwoman. Mommy wants to be desirable, sensual, or, hmm, even naughty.

Mommy porn is nothing like porn. Porn is just sex. Mommy porn has a real woman who has real relationships and lives, loves and grows as a person while she’s getting some serious attention (and who doesn’t want to get spanked on occasion?).

Society has a great tradition of honoring storytellers. There’s a good reason for this. Stories make it easy for us to talk about things such as relationships and sexual satisfaction. Mommy porn (in the form of erotic romance) has reopened the conversation about sex and adult sexual intimacy in a safe and fun way. And from the feedback I’m getting, there are quite a few men and women who are much happier in the bedroom in recent months. Just saying.


How about the sex? How graphic are you?

Roll-your-socks-down, make you gasp for breath, hold on for the ride, and hope you don’t get whiplash.


You use graphic terms and language?

Hell yes. You’re not going to find a single “throbbing manhood” in my erotic fiction. I use explicit dialogue, as well. I find nothing sexier than direct, raw language. Sends shivers up my spine!


Why romance?

I confess: I like it when a man acts like a man. In my books, I love when a man is confounded by his feelings and emotions. Men and women are different. In the actual world, that can be horribly frustrating. But in novels, that disconnect makes a fun, gripping read.

From time to time, like in the Hawkeye series, I write erotic romance with thriller elements. That’s an area I’d like to explore farther.


Come on, admit it! Erotic Romance is just porn, isn’t it?

Erotic romance is designed to be emotionally satisfying rather than simply titillating Because of the connection, especially since it culminates in a happily ever after or happily for now ending, the definition of porn isn’t met. Sorry to disappoint.


Have you been in a BDSM relationship?

I don’t kiss and tell.