Hold On To Me

HAWKEYE Series Order Book | Order Audio Book He was supposed to protect her, not fall in love. Former Hawkeye operative Jacob Carter is no longer for sale…until he sees Elissa Conroy. He’s so captivated by her vulnerability that he can’t refuse one last mission. Determined to keep the fiery Irish woman safe from a madman’s […]

Meant For Me

HAWKEYE Series Order Book | Order Audio Book Highly trained agent Mira Araceli can hold her own in the toughest situations, but not against her secret crush, Torin Carter. She’d fallen for her Hawkeye instructor years before. With his dark Irish good looks, unshakable integrity, and haunted blue eyes, he was everything she fantasized about. […]

Trust In Me

HAWKEYE Series Order Book | Order Audio Book Hawkeye operative Trace Romero lives on the edge, taking risks and thriving on danger. When his boss’s little sister’s house is broken into, he’s tasked with keeping her—and her secrets—safe. Trace’s arrival turns Aimee Inamorata’s perfectly ordered life upside down. The dominant and infuriatingly arrogant man is […]

Come to Me

HAWKEYE Series Order Options | Audio Books | Excerpt When Nate Davidson learns there’s a bounty on Wolf Stone’s head, he shoves aside the hurt and bitterness of the past and volunteers to serve on his protective detail. Trouble is, their well-respected commander doesn’t want any help. Their first angry kiss reignites a passion that […]


Who’s watching you? The agents of Hawkeye Security provide protection for the world’s most valuable people and things.  The higher the stakes, the more likely it is that Hawkeye will be the firm of choice … and for the men of Hawkeye, the line of duty between bodyguard and client isn’t meant to be crossed… […]

Book One: BIND

Description | Order | Audio Book | Awards | Reviews | Featured The Donovan Dynasty Series No way will he have a marriage in name only… Desperate to save her family’s fortune, Lara Bertrand turns to the only man who can save her—Connor Donovan, a devastatingly ruthless billionaire, and her father’s sworn enemy. Connor has […]

Book Five: For The Sub

Order Options | Audio Book  Mastered Series His heart wasn’t in it… Dom Niles Malloy has locked his favourite flogger in a drawer and has all-but left the lifestyle, but then Brandy Hess shatters his solitude and shakes up his life, challenging him to fully live again. What you see isn’t what you get… Though […]

Book Four: In His Cuffs

Order Options | Audio Book | Reviews Mastered Series Things couldn’t get worse. It was bad enough that Maggie had to spend the days with her boss and nemesis. Now to find out he’s a Dom at her favorite place to play? Maggie Carpenter needs an escape from her everyday life and her overbearing boss. […]

Book Three: Over The Line

Description | Order | Audio Book | Excerpt Mastered Series He can’t say he wasn’t warned! From the moment he’s cautioned to avoid the submissive who snares his attention, Dom Michael Dayton is intrigued. With her tight dress, flowing hair and honest dialogue, what could be more perfect than a few hours together? Sydney Wallace […]

Book Two: On His Terms

Order | Audio Book Mastered Series Damn, damn, and double damn. This was so not supposed to happen. Chelsea Barton always gets what she wants, and she wants the up and coming rocker Evan C to accept her as his sub. But her performance always disappoints him. Determined to have her way, she begs Master […]