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In the Zone
Bound and Determined
Bound Brits
Unbound Commitment
This Time
Fed Up

Sierra Cartwright Review Quotes

Count on Sierra Cartwright to serve up the very best!
~The Romance Studio

Sierra Cartwright is a master at her craft.
~The Romance Studio

Push your own boundaries”!
~You Gotta Read

Got to love Sierra Cartwright and her decadent tales of love and lust! What a most marvelously twisted mind the woman has!

It took me beyond what I thought I could handle as a reader and I found the experience to be breathtaking and beautiful.
~Joyfully Reviewed

I can’t wait until the next book by Sierra comes out.
~Night Owl Romances on Bared To Him

I think she presented [the lifestyle] in a in a very kind light, showing the reader the truth rather than their perceptions.
~You Gotta Read

Such agonizing and sublime tension, artfully eased with every lash! This one’s a keeper~LASR on Bound and Determined

Compelling, succulent, and demanding.

Ms. Cartwright is an author who can create a sensually overwhelming and downright smoking hot story that blends excitement with a touch of romance and a whole lot of arousing sexual adventure that will have the reader fanning themselves from the heat coming off of each page.
~The Romance Studio

You can’t really ask for anything more, except for when is the next book coming out
~Night Owl Romances


Reviews for “Initiation”

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team
Ruthie  – Full starFull starFull starFull starHalf Star
4.5 stars of sexiness and fabulous chemistry!

Yum, yum, yum! I love this kind of story. Not only is there a wonderful connection between the leads, but as well as the everyday humour and informality of new friends, we are given an insight into BDSM. The lack of unnecessary (in my opinion) punishment of a cheeky newbie sub, and the obvious pleasure that the two take in each other’s company makes for a really, really enjoyable read. It is simple, effective, and incredibly engaging reading.

Don’t read any more of the review – go get a copy and enjoy!


Reviews by Knotty Girl

Am I going to give this book a 5 orgasm rating? Absopositively!!! Why you ask? Because it’s incredibly well written, the storyline pulls you in from the very first line of the book. I could probably poll every single submissive woman on the planet right now, me included, and they would tell you the same thing. We all the same thing, We want Master Logan! ♥ *sighing*

Logan Powell decides to come out of his self-imposed isolation after cutting off the fairer sex because of a bad breakup four years earlier. He sees neophyte sub Jennifer Berklee. After watching her for a bit, he sees her go with another Dom, the scene goes poorly, and Jennifer bolts. Logan sees his chance and runs after her, but he strikes out.

A few weeks later, he’s introduced to her by his friend. Can they make it work this time? You really need to grab a copy of this book and find out for yourself!


Reviews for “In the Zone”

Two Lips Review for "In The Zone"

In The ZoneAlani Dane makes her living as a professional submissive at an exclusive BDSM club. One night while bored out of her mind with a wannabe-Dom, one of the club owners sees her disinterest and approaches the pair. In less than a minute, Master Nathaniel captures Alani’s total attention, shows her what submission is all about, and brings her lack of focus to the management team. Does Alani have the courage to undergo a complete reeducation at Zones or will she be forced to find another way to make ends meet?

As soon as I finished Sierra Cartwright’s In the Zone, I couldn’t help but hope this story will become the launch book to a delightfully new BDSM series. Tucked in the Rockies, Zones is an exclusive BDSM club catering to a variety of people’s kinks. Alani is a success story at the club, coming up from within the ranks as a mere receptionist to her current position as the most-prized submissive within these walls. While Alani is proud her services are in high demand, lately she’s been slipping with her concentration and will only admit to herself she’s been “phoning it in” with her Doms each night.

Thinking she’s successfully kept the secret from the club’s owners, Alani is flabbergasted when the usually absent Master Nathaniel returns after a long absence informing her he’s wise to her game. Shocked to her core when the club’s owners offer her a chance to retrain or an extended leave of absence, Alani is faced with a dilemma of monumental proportions. Deciding she cannot give up the Zones, Alani agrees to become Nathaniel’s trainee but wonders how she can keep her objectivity when she’s already melted under his strong dominance.

Nathaniel knows about Alani’s background and is intrigued with her partial submission. Realizing exactly what she craves, can this jaded Dom be the one to garner her utter submission and lasting devotion? I loved how Ms. Cartwright kept the plot tight during In the Zone, tantalizing my senses as Nathaniel pushes Alani to explore her innermost needs during some blistering D/s scenes which had me reaching for a tall cold beverage!

After a bit of BDSM play, Nathaniel and Alani quickly come to the conclusion lightning strikes when they engage in D/s games, but it takes a little bit of time to recognize they cannot be apart from one another. Bravo, Ms. Cartwright in seeing the wisdom to give your characters time outside of their kinky play to realize they are meant to be together forever. I hope you realize you’ve only whetted my appetite with this awesome book to hope in the future for Marcus and AJ’s happy endings.


Reviews for “Bound and Determined”

Bound and Determined

Got to love Sierra Cartwright and her decadent tales of love and lust! What a most, marvelously twisted mind the woman has! After all, who in their right mind wouldn’t want one of her deliciously debauched alpha Doms? One who is a Master and completely dedicated to ensuring all his woman’s needs and pleasures are met, in the most tormenting and thorough of ways possible? Even Sinead, with a famous Irish temper can see the danger. He’s everything she could ever have wanted in a man, and he’d have been so perfect too, if he just hadn’t been a Quinn!

With a firm hand on the reins, or in this case, ropes, Ms Cartwright delivers her lovers, bound and determined to break the other first. Throw in a submissive man-servant and a menage that blew my mind and it’s easy to see why the pages all but flipped themselves. I tried to read it slowly. Kept it waiting like a tempting box of chocolates, without so much as a peek”! Then fell in head-first and was immediately immersed and totally enthralled.

Reviewed by Whipped Cream…

Reviews for “Bound Brits”

Bound Brits AnthologyReview Date: 2/26/2008
ISBN: 978-1-906328-92-4
E-Book Price: $11.19
Publisher:Â Total E-Bound Books – (Website)

Genre(s): Erotica
Score (1-5) Hearts:

Come across the pond anytime Bound Brits writers. Every author has written a great, highly erotic story filled with its own wonderfully written drama.

Excited anticipation transports the reader into the heart and soul of their characters as each learns their partner’s prowess and vulnerability. With each story the ending is for you, the reader, to discover, so I’ll just tell enough for you to get a taste.

The Retreat by Portia DaCosta is about two coworkers Ben and Sarah who go away for the weekend. Ben exposes Sarah to be his submissive which she readily accepts.

S&M 101 by Sierra Cartwright has Julia and Trevor, who have trade show booths, get together after five years. This very erotic story addresses “you” (Julia) to perform Trevor’s demands for him, but it’s very easy for the reader to get captivated into the events too.

Getaway Girl by Lisabet Sarai main character Peg is taken hostage by two criminals who have absconded with a newly discovered Viking treasure recently dug up by a local farmer. Peg’s unnerved by the idea that she’s getting turned on by being tied up by Lionel (Bert). After making it to their hideaway- her grandma’s cabin- she drugs Jack, and Lionel and her go upstairs. He ties her up, she likes it, she convinces Lionel to leave Jack, they tie up Jack, and leave. Peg still needs to care for her little sister and Lionel (Bert) still needs to pay off his gambling debt.

All Roads Lead to Ripon by Barbara Huffert reveals Simon as he pushes his acquaintance on Jane who’s revisiting the village she stayed in during an International Music Festival. She takes a room at Hettie Agates Hotel and as she sight sees around the area she keeps running into a man whom she later finds out is Hettie’s son Simon. Hettie tells Simon Jane’s itinerary for each day hoping they’ll eventually get together. When they do he takes the strong master role with her which she detests, but will conform to after she enjoys a few climactic spankings.

Kit and Mouse by Dakota Rebel has Colin (Mouse, a retired vampire hunter) finding Kit (a vampire) his dream woman at a bar he goes to in celebration of his brother’s birthday. They leave the bar together and go to her place where Mouse takes the master role and hopes Kit can give up her power for him.

Bound By Love written by Cassidy Ryan is a story of Rhys, an artist and Draven, a club owner, who carry on a gay S&M relationship. Rhys has loved Draven for some time but Draven wants to keep it casual.

read more at the publisher’s web site


Reviews for “Unbound Commitment”

Unbound CommitmentCompelling, succulent, and demanding. The author makes you feel like your there. So much description, and dialogue it is easy to relate to Rachel, as she begs for his mastery at the same time she fights to hold her self back from giving all. It is a tale of surrender freely given more so than dominance taken. Plenty of punishment for disobedience, and well as discipline and humiliation as training tools. Great job Sierra Cartwright keep writing, I can’t wait for the next book.

Reviewed by Aris Reviewer

This book is not for the fainthearted. Sierra Cartwright is a talented writer. The plot is fascinating and flows smoothly. Eagerly I turned the pages to see what would happen to Rachel and Sir James next. Rachel is a strong, beautiful woman used to having men do her bidding. She seeks fulfillment in a way she’d only fantasized about. Sir James is handsome strong and pretends to be detached when actually he’s falling in love. He knows what Rachel needs and patiently trains her to recognize her own needs. Patiently he trains her to meet his needs. The secondary character, Cindy, is extremely interesting. If Ms. Cartwright has not already written a book about her she might want to consider doing so. I will be looking for more books by Sierra Cartwright. I highly recommend “Unbound Commitment” to those that enjoy erotica, bondage, submissive/Dom and a good read.

Reviewed by Anne Boling for Reader Views (12/06)
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At the time that I opened this story and saw the word slave, the hair on the back of my neck stood on end, I crossed my arms over my chest and scowled at my screen. I did not want to turn down another novel. I continued to read. By the end of page one I was laughing at the easy conversation between Rachel and Cindy. Rachel’s perception of slavery. I think I even said aloud once or twice… oh boy this girl has no idea what she’s about to get into. Because, if Sir James was anything like that description I would be quaking in my boots.

The best part about it. Sierra Cartwright delivered. She wrote a real life Master and slave story. She left nothing out, all the horrible duties we like to shield our eyes from were in this book. I can’t stress enough how real this was. Her talent with words astounded my senses. She left out a full description of Sir James, to allow the reader to picture who they wanted James to be. She left out a full description of Rachel leaving it open to make Rachel who the reader wanted Rachel to be. So the hottest celebrity in Hollywood and I went on an adventure I won’t soon forget. Most of her imagery was in the form of dialogue. This normally would have thrown me off, left me confused, but she stayed in the moment. There was very little time for outside thoughts. The scenes weren’t suddenly stopped to reminisce or to feel. By staying in the moment, I had no choice but to stay in the moment and enjoy the roller coaster of emotions that filled her story.

Although, I enjoy all aspects of this story, there are certain parts that stand out as above the rest. The natural flow of events helped to drag me deeper into it. I was able to walk through the rooms with this couple. Go through the steps of their everyday life. Sir James even did dishes. At Rachel’s moment of change it fit, it was natural. Her outburst was only expected, considering the amount of emotional stress she had been through with Sir James. As a reader I was never concerned with what might happen next, I was just happy to be have been invited in. If I were to match the flow with what he was trying to teach her, I must say if it wasn’t done intentionally, then I read too much into things. Throughout the whole story James is constantly telling Rachel, be in the moment. Stop focusing so much on the outside and focus on the inside. In this book you have no choice but to be in the moment. Never once does she send you anywhere else. Best of all, I was looking forward to how she might please him next.

Rachel is your typical, I can do it my way, have it my way kind of girl. While secretly she longs to submit it all to the one man that can accomplish this difficult task, inside she is afraid that this might happen. Past relationships have taught her that the ultimate submission she seeks is strange and weird. She is painted as a freak by her ex-husband. At the time that this opportunity arises with Sir James, she is in a dead end boring relationship with a man that treats her like gold. What could be more annoying than dating a man who doesn’t want to give you a spanking?

What I liked best about Rachel is that although she wants this and is afraid to get it, she refuses to leave no matter how difficult. She knows she needs this despite her own misgivings. She was a character that it was easy to get into the pace of, understand her mind. She made normal mistakes. Her body ached the way it would carrying out positions she had never done before. I cried when she cried, laughed when she laughed, bit my nails when I saw she was about to get into big trouble, covered my eyes in a few places as truly this woman would not just shut up sometimes. And most of all, I wanted to be Rachel. Ms. Cartwright actually made me want to walk in someone else’s shoes. By the end of the story Rachel is anything but typical. She is a determined woman and she won’t stop at anything to get what she needs in life.

Sir James is another story all together. He’s tough. No is not in his vocabulary for his slave. He expects and will receive nothing less than complete submission. And he does it in a way that the slave does not and can not say no to. And nothing is more hot than a man you can’t say not to. James at all times has Rachel’s best interest at heart. He never asks for more than she can give. No matter if she believes she can’t do it. Because he took the time to understand Rachel, because he understands himself, he is able to build a confidence in his slave.

He has patience and respect for his slave. There were many times that he was not just Rachel’s Master but he was also her friend. He inquired about her past, her life, where she saw herself. He delved into her fantasies and found the reasons for those fantasies. Knowing what was in her head helped to define how he would direct their play. This went a long way in my book. A man who can decipher a woman’s needs through actual conversation says much about a man.

They sat down to dinner and breakfast. To keep her on her toes he would stop their simple conversation and command an action. He made it clear that at all times he was the Master, even when it seemed as though he was just a friend. Even though he wants all of Rachel, there are parts of him that are not open. Areas of himself he won’t let Rachel into. This creates a conflict for the both of them. He knows that without opening up to her about himself and his past, that he doesn’t stand a chance of having more from her.

The play scenes between James and Rachel are amazing. At all times James was very aware of what Rachel was going through. It did not deter him from his decisions. I was amazed at how I actually cried at the end of their first scene. Rachel was so vulnerable, so open it left me in tears and utterly exhausted. In turn this only heightened my respect for James as a Master. Their final scene where he makes her fantasy come true brought a sweet smile to my face. I have never seen anything like that before in any of my readings.

To finally sum up the story, this was probably the most beautiful Master and slave story I have ever had the opportunity to read. Anyone looking for a real life look into this lifestyle would do well to purchase this book. Sierra Cartwright is an author with her own voice and an open imagination. Thank you Ms. Cartwright, I couldn’t put your book down it was that entertaining.

Reviewed by: Miranda Heart
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Unbound Commitment is a wonderful book exploring the relationships between slaves and Masters. The contents are definitely not for the faint of heart, but will warm your heart while keeping your heart rate up above normal. I was drawn into the relationship that blooms between these two and pleasantly surprised by the outcome of this book. I highly recommend Unbound Commitment to anyone who likes to read the BDSM, Master/slave genre. Sierra Cartwright brings her characters to life off the pages of her book and draws you into the scenes she creates to the point that you actually question if you can hear the swish of the whip as it is wielded.

Reviewed by: Tara


Unbound Commitment overwhelms the senses. I was mesmerized by Rachel’s experiences. James is just as vulnerable as Rachel but for different reasons. I was on edge constantly. Anxious to see how the story would end, wondering if James and Rachel would stay together at the end of the week. The BDSM is extreme in Unbound Commitment. There is humiliation, beatings and more, but at no time is Rachel subjected to anything she does not want. Unbound Commitment is an amazing story about finding trust and love, both in one self and in another. Admittedly, I do not generally choose to read books with heavy BDSM in them, but I am so glad I read Unbound Commitment. It took me beyond what I thought I could handle as a reader and I found the experience to be breathtaking and beautiful.

Reviewed by Nannette
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Reviews for “This Time”

This Time - Single eBook“This Time” by Sierra Cartwright
Woven simultaneously with character depth and an imaginative plot, Emily and Sterling’s story is a unique tale of love and acceptance. An enjoyable read.

5 out of 5! Recommended Read
Lacey, Blue Ribbon Reviews

With an incredibly erotic tale, Ms. Cartwright starts the anthology off with a bang. Woven simultaneously with character depth and an imaginative plot, Emily and Sterling’s story is a unique tale of love and acceptance. An enjoyable read.

Reviews for “Fed Up”

Fed Up“Fed Up” by Sierra Cartwright
FED UP is a likable tale about feminine power. Elizabeth takes matters into her own hands to get what she wants and has fun while doing so. A wonderful read for all women around.

5 out of 5! Recommended Read
Lacey, Blue Ribbon Reviews