Welcome to the Den…

In a beautiful and secluded Rocky Mountain setting, nothing is off limits.
This is a place where fantasies become reality, lives are transformed, and limits are shattered.

Book One: With This Collar With-This-Collar

No way! Julia Lyle wants nothing to do with domineering men, no mater how tall, dark, or undeniably sexy. But dominant Master Marcus will settle for nothing less than Julia’s complete surrender. He wants the woman in his collar, and nothing else will suffice. Read more… Or order now:

Book Two: On His TermsOn His Terms

It was business only! Chelsea Barton is terrible at the whole submission thing, and she wants to snare the Dom of her dreams. She seeks out the renowned trainer Master Alexander. Alex has his hands full with Lindsey, especially when he realizes he doesn’t want to turn her over to another man! Read more… Or order now:

Book Three: Over The Lineovertheline

He can’t say he wasn’t warned!
From the moment he’s cautioned to avoid the submissive who snares his attention, Dom Michael Dayton is intrigued. With her tight dress, flowing hair and honest dialogue, what could be more perfect than a few hours together?


Book Four: In His CuffsIn-His-Cuffs

Things couldn’t get worse. It was bad enough that Maggie had to spend the days with her boss and nemesis.
Now to find out he’s a Dom at her favorite place to play?

Book Five: For The SubFor The Sub

His heart wasn’t in it… Dom Niles Malloy has locked his favourite flogger in a drawer and has all-but left the lifestyle, but then Brandy Hess shatters his solitude and shakes up his life, challenging him to fully live again.

Book Six: In The Denintheden What could be headier than the surrender of a powerfully dominant woman? Dom Damien Lowell has always respected Domme Catrina Davidson. He likes the way she interacts with her subs, confident, kind, firm. And for years he’s fantasized about her submitting to him.