With This Ring

Book seven in the Mastered series

In the shadows, he’s the ultimate protector. On the hunt, he’s the most dangerous predator. But when it comes to love, even he can’t escape his past.

Gregorio. The Den’s darkest knight. Haunted by secrets and sins.


Sasha. His temptation. His torment. His ex-wife’s little sister.


Off-limits. Forbidden.


Until a deadly stalker forces her back into his life.And into his bed.


As passion reignites and danger closes in, Gregorio faces a choice:


Let Sasha in and risk destroying her?


Or lose his last chance at redemption?

Finally! The epic conclusion to the bestselling Mastered series is here! With This Ring
is an emotional, forbidden romance filled with scorching scenes of
Dominance and submission. Welcome to the spectacular Colorado mountains where masterful billionaires ignite the fantasies of the women they love. All books are standalone novels that can be read in any order and have a guaranteed happily-ever-after ending.