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So Happy to Announce Brand Will Be In Barnes and Noble Stores on January 19th!

BRANDI’m doing a happy dance! Yes, that’s the world moving, and I know you can feel it! Brand, with its stunning and eye-catching red cover will be on the shelves of your local Barnes and Noble in the United States as of January 19th!

The Donovan Dynasty is a three-book series (all stand-alone books) about the middle brother, and love child of Jeffery Donovan. Cade is a tough and rugged cowboy, and he’s also a Dom!

I was lucky one summer as a teenager. I had a friend who was a competitive barrel racer. I went on the rodeo circuit with her. I fell in love with a cowboy, and my love affair with these kinds of men began.

Years later, I learned about Doms. So it became natural to combine the things I liked about cowboys—their rugged toughness and the way they know rope—with the things I love about Doms—their strict moral code and the way they focus on their sub’s happiness.

And Cade Donovan took center stage on the page and in my heart.

As I developed the Donovan series, I realized that Jeffrey died tragically, and too early. And it turns out that Cade blames himself for the accident. It created an interesting family dynamic, and it gave Cade all kinds of emotional layers. It made him a bit of a tortured soul…and I loved that.

The new cover for the mass market release captures the essence of the book, I think. Do you agree?

Here’s a little peek at Cade and Sofia, and that rope I mentioned. I think cowboy Doms may just be my new favorite…


Sneak peak

Cade pulled her hair back into a ponytail and looped a strand of the purple rope around it twice then secured it with an overhand knot. She felt him bend her hair into a U-shape then go around it. After a few more moves, he pulled it until it was secure.

“How’s that?”

She rolled her head. “Fine.”


Instead of grabbing the rope, he went to the far end of the space and moved aside a tarp. He wheeled a cheval mirror across the floor.

“I want you to watch, to see how gorgeous you are to me.”

“I’m a little too self-critical for that.”

“In that case, just look at the rope so you know what I’m doing.”

She nodded and checked out the hair bondage. It was pretty.

He used a thicker rope for what he called the chest harness.

“How much rope is that?”

“About thirty feet,” he said.

He doubled it over. It took him far less time than she’d anticipated, and it was smoother than she’d imagined. He started by wrapping the rope over her breasts, looping it at the back, then going under her breasts.

“What is it that appeals to you about this?” she asked.

“The artistry,” he said. “The rope makes a difference, too. Is it hemp? Cotton? Bamboo? Nylon? Silk? What’s the intent of the scene? Am I just tying you up so you’re helpless when I make you come? Do I just want to look at you? It can be meant as punishment, maybe, so a coarse rope is different. Then you factor in color to the sensual equation. Purple goes with your skin and your dark hair. I’d thought about red, too, and I’m sure that would be just as sensational—deep, dark, blood red.”

He was silent for a moment, and she pictured it.

In the mirror, she watched him work, admiring his speed, concentration and competence. He repeated the process before going over her shoulders. The entire time, he checked the tension and ensured the ropes were straight.

When he’d completed that portion, he stood behind her, his hands on her shoulders.

“Look at the way it shows off your breasts. You have to admit that the models you saw were beautiful in their submission, and so are you. You know I’m highly visual, so watching you at every stage is rewarding.”

He moved her to the table and told her to lie on her stomach. “Put your arms behind you and cross them.” He took each hand and guided them into position.

In less than three minutes, he’d wrapped smaller pieces of rope around her wrists then joined them to the chest harness.

“You’ll see some people attach the wrists to the ankles, but I don’t do that. I want the pressure to be kept on the chest, not your wrists, so as to avoid injury.”

She nodded as best she could.

He wrapped rope around her ankles then began the finishing touches to draw her ankles toward the chest harness.

Her mouth dried.

“We won’t go too fast or too far,” he promised. “Watch.”

Cade pulled to complete the hog-tie, forcing her back into a gorgeous arch.

“How’s that?”

“Not as uncomfortable as I feared,” she said.

He finished with a simple overhand knot then checked that the hemp wasn’t cutting into the side of her neck. “Lightheadedness? Fatigue?”

“No. Neither.”

He stepped back, studied her then returned to secure her ponytail to the setup. “Look at yourself.”

The image was surprising. She looked…serene. For a moment, she couldn’t believe it was her.

With his blunt thumbnail, he scraped the marks his crop had left on her skin, sending goosebumps through her.






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