The Power of Vulnerability

Your responses on the topic of vulnerability were powerful! I love what all of you said, and how you applied it to romantic relationships, friendships, and even the books you cherish.

An astute reader mentioned that seeing a character’s vulnerability is something she looks for in a compelling read, especially one in which a power-exchange relationship is featured. Without the vulnerability, the relationship would assume a different dynamic. She adds that vulnerability transforms the cliched into something potentially beautiful.
Another stated that she likes vulnerability in both male and female characters. “Without it they seem to be emotionally stilted.”

In our romantic lives, a reader said that her real-life hero husband is honest with his emotions, which helps them have a healthy and happy relationship. Someone else felt that vulnerability drives us and protects us.

Like me, a few of you shared that you’ve struggled not to be seen as vulnerable. Some of us worked in “a man’s world” where vulnerability equaled weakness. And yet, being revealing is something that can lead us to greater emotional connection with others. A note of caution, though. We must know who we can trust to share our deepest secrets with.

And for those of us who struggle, there’s hope. A reader shared that showing her vulnerability becomes easier as she gets older.

Here’s to you. And thank you for being so real with me. You are appreciated.





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