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Sierra Cartwright

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BOOKPLEASURES, Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor
Meet Sierra Cartwright, Acclaimed Author of More Than Twenty Enthralling Erotic Romance Novels and Winner of Numerous Awards

USA Today
Interview: Sierra Cartwright, co-author of erotic version of ‘Jane Eyre’

FOX Orlando / WOFL-TV
Video Interview: Sierra Cartwright interviewed on FOX Orlando / WOFL-TV

Night Owl Romance
Interview with Sierra Cartwright

Long and Short Reviews
Author Interview: Sierra Cartwright

Two Lips Reviews
Interview with Sierra Cartwright

Sierra talks about the Mastered Series:


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BIND: ‘Even racier than Fifty Shades!’ Daily Mail Online


Media News

RT rating 4-5Four and a half stars! “Well done!” RT Book Reviews

Publisher Weekly

BEST BOOKS review for the book “BIND” at

REVEAL UK: “Fiesty, dark and passionate, Sierra Cartwright’s latest novel leaves the likes of 50 Shades firmly in the pale. Submit – if you dare.”

LOOK MAGAZINE: Fifty Shades Of Grey: 5 Books That Put It To Shame

MailONline: EVEN racier than 50 Shades! Another female Brit dominates erotic fiction charts, taking on EL James with steamy new series

HANDBAG: Exclusive! Read an extract from Sierra Cartwright’s sinfully sexy BDSM book ‘With This Collar’

THE SUN: Sherlock and Watson have gay affair in shock new novel

THE GUARDIAN – Why we’re putting the ‘missing’ sex scenes back into Charlotte Brontë«

THE TELEGRAPH: Erotic makeover for Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice

POP WATCH – Classic literature gets sexed up: “Hands on yonder branch!”

THE INDEPENDENT: Oh Mr Darcy! Pride and Prejudice among classic novels to receive erotic makeover

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THE SIDNEY MORNING HERALD: Fifty Shades of Austen: classics get ‘mummy porn’ makeover

TOTAL-E-BOUND Publishing – Clandestine Classics

SCOTSMAN.COM: Jayne Eyre set for “mummy porn” rewrite

FINE BOOKS MAFAZINE: Classic Novels Get Erotic Makeover

METRO: Classic novels get erotic makeover to spice them up for new generation


Huffpost Women on BDSM

Into Kink? You May Be Psychologically Healthier Than Your Vanilla Friends!
In an interesting new study by LiveScience,
people who are into kinky sex may be psychologically healthier than those who are not.

The article does state that the study was made up of volunteers, so it may not reflect the entire population.

However, in the study, researchers found that people into BDSM (bondage/discipline/sadism/masochism) actually scored better on some mental health indicators of mental health than their “vanilla” counterparts.

Note: The study was published on May 16 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.



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Denver, Colorado

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