Book Three: Over The Line

Interesting since he’d drawn harsher boundaries, she seemed softer, more compliant. Everything she said and did seemed to be a contradiction. “Please put your hands behind your neck and bring your chest forward.”

She did. “Would you like me to take the dress off entirely, Sir?”

“I’d like you to do as you’re told, Sydney. Nothing more. Are you able to comfortably spread your legs a little farther apart? You can take off your shoes if you need to.”

When she was in position, more open, he slid a hand between her legs. Her response delighted him. “You’re moist, Sydney.”

He kept his hand still, but she moved her hips a bit, sliding herself against him. “I generally won’t mind if you come without permission. In fact, the more you orgasm, the more I get into the scene,” he said. “But not tonight. Tonight I want you more aroused than you’ve ever been.” He waited until she let out a tiny moan then he pulled his hand away. Before she could react, he slapped her cunt, hard.

She screamed and pitched forward slightly. He caught her and held her against him longer than necessary, liking the way they fitted together.

For a moment, she stayed there before drawing in a deep breath and moving away. “That was unexpected. And unbelievably hot, Sir.”


“No. More like that, please.”

“Stay where you are. I’ll be right back.”

He went inside. Brandy, a sub who regularly helped with house functions and parties, fetched him a blanket and a two separate cuffs.

“My pleasure, Sir,” she said when he thanked her.

When he got back outside, Sydney was still in the same place. She was shifting from side to side a bit nervously, but she’d yet to bail out of the scene. “Are you doing okay?”

“Feeling a little exposed,” she admitted. “Sir.”

“Seeing you when I came back outside pleased me.”

She visibly exhaled.

“Would you like to continue?”

“Yes, Sir. I’m not scared,” she said, but her voice didn’t sound as sure as it had earlier.

He nodded. “In that case, when you’re ready, walk over to the fence.” Then he scowled.

“Are you okay in those shoes?”


“Good. I’ll stay a step or two behind you so I can watch your ass move.”