Look behind the series – Mastered

Mastered Series

The Mastered series will always hold a special place in my heart. I’d know for a while that I wanted to write a series set in Colorado that featured heart-pounding Doms.

The first hero who came to mind was Damien Lowell a very powerful man, someone committed to the lifestyle. And I knew that he would only associate with other men who were equally strong and powerful. Then I began to think about a place where all of these people could come together.

It wasn’t until With This Collar began to unfurl that I “saw” how the entire series would play out. The name for the place came to me, “The Den.” And because Damien’s name reminded me a bit of a devilish character, I nicknamed it the Devil’s Den. (Though it really is referred to as the Den throughout the series.)

At first, the series was conceived of three books, With This Collar, Over the Line, and In the Den, but I really wanted to provide a glimpse into the BDSM lifestyle in many of its facets. As a result, all of the heroines have varying degrees of experience, from devoted submissives to a woman who is a Domme in her own right. I ended up including heroines who had little experience and one who was very curious to be trained as a lifestyle sub.

The success of With This Collar and the launch of the Mastered series was gratifying. The Daily Mail Online called With This Collar, “Even racier than 50 Shades!” It went on to reach #1 on the Amazon BDSM charts in the UK and the US, becoming my first bestseller.

But it couldn’t have done that well without the help and support of enthusiastic readers, many who have now gone on to become friends.
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