Undercover Seduction

VOLUME THREE (Hawkeye Series)

Introducing you to the Hawkeye Protectors world by offering readers the first to each Hawkeye series in one captivating collection with an exclusive bonus Stay with Me.

Come to Me

Wolf Stone is their commander, and three hearts are on the line. Things are going to get…complicated.

When Nate Davidson learns there’s a bounty on commander Wolf Stone’s head, he buries his feelings of rejection and volunteers to serve as protector for the man he admires…and still craves. Trouble is, their well-respected leader doesn’t want any help, in the streets or the sheets.

Initiation (Hawkeye Denver Series)

Falling in love was never an option…

Hardened Hawkeye agent Logan Powell does women a favor by avoiding emotional entanglements. They deserve to be cherished—something he’s not capable of…until he meets gorgeous Jennifer Berklee. But her innocence is his undoing, and not even his elite military training is enough to lock down his jaded heart.

Stay with Me : Exclusive Bonus

Rekindling an old flame, Brant Gibson has returned… Not just to protect, but to reclaim a love never truly lost.

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