BONDS One: Crave

Everyone who joined The Hub signed the same contract. Unless it was clear that someone wanted to acknowledge a relationship from the vanilla world, visitors pretended not to know each other. The same applied outside the club. Alma had explained that it allowed everyone to maintain their privacy and not jeopardize personal or professional relationships.
The crowd quieted and Alma continued, “Please do not interrupt scenes. If you see something you don’t understand, ask a Dungeon Monitor. They’re wearing white shirts and black slacks, and they’re not to be confused with the catering staff!”
A few people laughed.
“DMs, show us where you are.”
The spotlight operator sought out all of them, and when Kennedy’s turn came, he waved.
“Please remain quiet while watching rigging demonstrations,” Alma continued.
As the light swung back toward her, the beam passed over the woman he thought he recognized. Her dark brown hair had sensational red highlights, and it was almost shoulder-length, cut in touchable layers.
He caught sight of a delicate tattoo on her right shoulder. She had on a cropped leather top that zipped up the front. Its length left her midriff invitingly bare. A miniskirt hardly kept her covered. Her outfit was daring considering Boston’s dicey weather, even if she’d had a coat on when she’d arrived.
“Tasteful photography, and only with permission of the subject. That said, I’d like to direct your attention to my left.”
While everyone had been watching Alma, a rigger had tied a woman into bondage. She hung upside down inside the wooden jungle gym-type structure.
When Alma had told him about her vision for the Knotingham, he hadn’t quite known what to expect. Nets and ropes were strung everywhere, across the top, down the sides, front and back. At the top, sticking up from a pole on the far left side, a handkerchief beckoned.
“Performance art at its best,” Alma announced. “And if you’re brave enough to give it a try, see the rigger.” She paused before adding, “Food and beverages are available in the kitchen. And keep them there. Remember, keep it safe, sane, consensual. And no exchange of body fluids on the premises.”
A chorus of boos echoed.
“Get a room,” someone else shouted out.
That broke the tension.