BONDS Two: Claim

With a wave, Alma turned off her mic. Right then the opening notes of Love Hurts blasted out, reverberating from the brick walls. In the Knotingham, the nubile, sexy model arched and used her abdominal strength to try to pull herself up far enough to begin unfastening the rope cinched around her ankles.
Dozens of people crowded around, apparently mesmerized by the sight of her and her struggles.
The rigger stood off to the side, arms folded. The more she struggled, the wider his grin became until it looked purely evil. But the woman was strong and fit, adept at contorting her body in interesting ways. As she worked, a sheen of perspiration dotted her skin.
Kennedy was as fascinated everyone else who was watching.
It took her about five minutes to adjust her position so that she could use some of the netting for support and leverage.
Eventually, to cheers, she was able to throw off the rope. Freed from the binding, she wove upward through the jungle gym, as if she were swimming. Her grace and athleticism were a marvel.
Several people shouted out encouragement, and a few catcalls were laced in.
At the top, she crawled across a wooden plank and snatched up the handkerchief.
The crowd roared its approval. Kennedy had no doubt that this kind of performance would replace pole dancing in some places.
Moments later, the lighting was lowered and the decibel level soared as a seventies tune pounded through the space.
More people streamed through the curtain.
A Dom hung an assortment of floggers and whips from a metal rack while his submissive moved toward the adjacent St. Andrew’s cross. She spread her legs and extended her arms before leaning against the structure to patiently wait.
It had been a long damn time since he’d marked the soft, sexy skin of a willing submissive. A little playtime would alleviate some stress.
After a half hour, one of the other DMs made his way up the stairs. “Alma said there’s someone she’d like you to meet.”
“Thanks.” Though he generally liked to pick his own partners, he was intrigued.
“They’re in the kitchen.”