“Thank you.” She appreciated knowing the club’s staff and monitors paid attention to every interaction, no matter how important the member.

He rapped a knuckle on the bar top before leaving to pour a beer requested by another customer.

All of a sudden, she was alone with Jax. “Who’s Leah?”

“His girlfriend.”

“Oh my God.” She pulled her straw from the piña colada and stabbed it back in. “I didn’t know. I hate cheaters.” After being the one duped, it was especially painful. She’d never be a participant in hurting another woman.

“I figured it might make a difference to you.”

It did. She supposed she should be grateful to Jax for saving her from making a mistake. “Is his girlfriend a submissive?”

Jax lifted a shoulder in a noncommittal shrug. He sat close enough that she inhaled his scent. Power spiced with arrogance. Jaxon Mills was a man who took what he wanted.

“Are you?” His approving gaze lingered on her.

“Am I…what?”


Even though she didn’t want to have a reaction other than disdain for him, her traitorous heart rapped out a dangerous sexual tattoo. “We’re not having this conversation.”


Desperate for a distraction, she took a big drink of the nonalcoholic piña colada. The freezing cold gave her an instant headache at the back of her skull. “You think you’re being a hero, but I don’t need someone to cockblock for me.” If only he knew how ridiculous that idea was. For her, BDSM had nothing to do with sex. She loved impact play. There was a lick of pain, followed by a rush of pleasure. Enough of it vanquished all other thoughts from her mind, sweeping away her worries and helping her lock away stress for days. Scening was better than a hot bath or a kick-ass cocktail. It was as meditative as it was restorative. And she wasn’t about to let him stand in her way. “You can go away now.”

“I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to do that, princess.”