“I’ll relocate until you’re finished.”

“That’s not possible.” She blinked. “You can’t just move your office.” The logistics would be a nightmare.

“No one but you has the audacity to tell me what I can and can’t do. You’ll need to fly home to get the marriage license.”

“This is ludicrous.”

“Would a spanking help convince you?”

Damn him. It would. And he knew it.

Wordlessly, he took her cup from her and set it safely on the desk. “Do you have a hairbrush?”

Her blood turned sluggish as she began the ascent to the alternate reality where worries slipped away.


She nodded. “It’s in the bathroom.”

“Fetch it.”

While she complied, she heard him slide the drapes closed. When she returned, he was standing near the foot of the bed with his arms folded. He was forceful and intimidating. Even though her pussy still throbbed from they way he’d fucked her so hard last night, she couldn’t wait to be dominated again.

“Remove all your clothes and then place your palms flat on the mattress.”

God, his voice. So uncompromising. Exactly what she wanted in the bedroom. Aware of his watchful gaze, she did as he instructed. This was different than last night. He hadn’t asked for a striptease, and there were no sexual underpinnings.

“I’ll always give you this.” It was as if he’d seen into her psyche.

Which made him perfect for her.

He caressed her skin, but he didn’t warm her up like he had last night. “I want you to feel it. And if you have a few marks to remember this, I’ll be happy.”

Willow nodded.

“Spread your legs. Your inner thighs and pussy are not safe from me.”

She shivered as she adjusted herself.

“Your safe word will always be respected. Use it at any time.”