“We’ll do it together.”

She winced slightly as his cock entered her.

“Damn it, Willow. You are sore.”

“I’m fine.” She rocked her hips. “Oh. It’s—”

“Watch your choice of words,” he teased.


“That will work.”

It took a few strokes for her to find a position and rhythm that she liked, and then she began to move faster. He curved his hands around her hips, helping her balance.

She closed her eyes and tipped her head. Her hair spilled around her shoulders in a magnificent riot of blonde and fire. He was captivated. “You’re exquisite.”

“So much deeper this way.”


She rode him, her breaths shortening the faster she moved. “Jax!”

“Come for me, princess.”

Her pussy tightened around him. He concentrated on her, watching her climax, and he ground his back teeth to stave off his own orgasm.

Finally, with a sexy whimper, she collapsed onto his chest. He wrapped his arms around her, cherishing her.

A minute or so later, she put her palms on his chest and lifted her head a little. “I had no idea.”

“It’ll get better, too.”

“I’m not sure how it could.”

He grinned and chose not to point out that she’d fed his ego.

“But, uhm, you didn’t, I mean…”

“Come? No. I can live without it.”

“No. Let’s… I mean…” A hint of scarlet stained her cheeks.