Everything about Willow turned him on. He loosened the knot she’d tied in the shirttails and then pushed back the shirt from her shoulders. Then he had the chance to read her T-shirt. “Motivational phrases on your clothing?”

“Well, a couple are about mimosas and happy hour. I have one about pizza.”

He grinned. Of course. “No offense. I like you better out of your clothes.” He reached behind her to unfasten her bra. Her nipples were gloriously hard, and he couldn’t resist the urge to caress her.

She hissed in a breath.

“Too much?”

“No. Not enough.”

“You’re mine, princess.” He left her long enough to grab a piece of ice. “Your introduction to sensation play.” He sucked the cube into his mouth to melt it a little. “Offer yourself to me.”

After a slight hesitation, she cupped her breasts.

“Since all of this is an exploration, you can safe word or use yellow. We’ll learn more about each other as we go forward.”

She nodded.

He touched the frozen water to her right nipple, and she sucked in a little breath. The temperature was obviously a shock, but the moment he moved on, she shimmied. “How was that?”

“I liked it.”

“Yeah. Me too.” He repeated his action on her left breast. Her flesh contracted, then swelled, begging for more. He could spend forever exploring her.

When she was covered in goose bumps, moaning and rocking toward him, he tossed the cube back into the bucket. “I’d say your first experience with temperature play is a win.”

“Yes.” She was clenching her buttocks, as if fighting arousal.

He appreciated the way she’d been willing to try the ice. Even more, he enjoyed her reaction. “I want you out of your pants.”

She kicked off her sandals while he unfastened the snap at her waistband and lowered the short zipper.

He dropped to his knees after he’d stripped off her jeans and lacy panties.