He glanced up to catch her staring at him. “Everything okay?”

Except for the way she ached to touch him, run her fingers across his face, reveling in the friction of his scruff as he leaned toward her to claim a casual, quick kiss that she associated with couples who’d been in a long-term relationship. “Lost in thought.”

Still keeping an eye on her, he stood and buckled his belt. “Tell me they at least have a Margherita pizza.”

“I’ve never looked, but they have so many different options, it’s hard to imagine they wouldn’t have it.”

After ensuring they had a room key, they walked to the elevator.

It wasn’t until the doors slid open that she realized that he’d distracted her with a kiss earlier instead of agreeing that they didn’t have to get married.

Since there were other guests in the car, she wasn’t able to ask him about it.

When they reached the lobby, it was to find dozens of people milling around.

“Quite the spread,” he observed.

“Isn’t it the best?” There were two tables to choose from. The first had pizzas and garlic knots. The second had desserts, all made from the same delicious dough but crafted with the hotel’s special flair. There were cinnamon rolls, an apple pie, even melted chocolate stuffed between two crusts.

This party was definitely her style, even if it wasn’t his. With his abs and tight ass, he no doubt deprived himself of all happiness-giving carbs and exercised like a fiend. Not that she minded.

“Next dinner has to be at a proper restaurant.”

“But tonight?” She raised her eyebrows. “Tonight we enjoy a gastronomic feast!” She grabbed his hand and dragged him toward the first table where she shoved a plate and several napkins into his hand before selecting two ridiculously large pieces for herself.

He looked around. “Do they have salad?”

“Oh my God. Seriously?” She rolled her eyes. “Stop. They have a veggie pizza over there. And I see the Margherita one as well.” She pointed to the far end of the table. “And there’s beer, of course.”

“Excuse me?”

“Hops. Barley. They grow from the ground, right? Hence, beer is salad.”

“Is my future going to be filled with this kind of logic?”

“Hopefully not. You could have a magnificent change of heart and forget you ever saw me.”