“I need to make a trip to the gift shop. I promise you, we can make love all night. Or at least until I have to put you on a plane in the morning.”

Her earlier white lie chafed. Before she could admit the truth, he said, “Condoms. Now. You want to come downstairs with me?”

“I actually haven’t eaten. So yes.”

“I’ll take you somewhere. What would you like to go?”

“Downstairs. Every night at ten, they have a pizza party in the lobby.”

“Pizza?” Disdain dripped from the word, making her laugh.

“All kinds of different choices, and they have several different craft beers that they sample. It’s the main reason I stay here.”

“It’s New Orleans. Some of the best steak and seafood places in the country are within walking distance. There’s a place on Chartres Street that serves Cajun food. Their sampler plate is divine. Gumbo, étouffée, red beans and rice, and jambalaya. If you need bread, I know a place with a great shrimp po’boy.”

“You don’t have to eat pizza. Just don’t judge my choice.”

He sighed. “You win.”

“How sweet that sounds.”

He flicked a glance toward her discarded outfit. “Do you have other clothes?”

“Yes, Jax. I brought more than BDSM wear with me.”

“Good thing, or you wouldn’t be leaving this room.”

She sighed. Not as self-conscious as she thought she’d be, she dropped the robe, then walked to the dresser to pull out a bra and fresh panties before selecting a pair of jeans and a T-shirt with a motivational saying on it. Positive vibes. Positive life. Then she grabbed one of her dad’s old dress shirts. After slipping into it, she tied the tails into a knot at her waist. Finally, she added a pair of comfortable sandals. With her mussed hair and ruined makeup, she was no femme fatale.

Willow sank onto the edge of the mattress and watched Jax pull on his boots.

She’d lived with Lawrence for almost a month, and she’d been on guard the entire time, dressing in the closet, never emerging from the bathroom without something covering her. It wasn’t until now that she realized she’d never trusted him.

Which meant… She inhaled. Even if he annoyed the crap out of her, Jax was an honorable man.