“I don’t want to get married.” Especially to an overbearing alpha male. No matter how sexy.

His fist was clenched, visible proof of the effort it took for him to stay where he was. “I’ve heard all about you. What about me?”

Him? She barely contained her shock. He was destroying her life and was concerned about himself? “This isn’t about you.”

“Yeah. It is. I won’t get over you, Willow.”

Knocked in the solar plexus, she gasped.

“Give me ten minutes,” he asked. “Then, if you want, I’ll leave without another word.”

Willow knew what was good for her. And that meant she shouldn’t be in the same room as him. He was far too tempting, and she responded to him on an elemental level—a survival of the species urge. Every part of her wanted him.

His admission that he wouldn’t get over her rooted her in place.

“I’m honored you chose me, Willow.”

“It was just sex.”

“One more crack like that, and I won’t be able to keep my hands off you. I’ll prove how damn wrong you are.”

She tried to take another step back, but she couldn’t. Instead, she put a hand on her heart, as if she could protect it.

“But you already know that, don’t you?” His words were a whisper, a challenge. He saw her lies and took a scalpel to them.


“Fucking admit it, princess. You like my kisses, the way you got lost when we scened. And you were alive in a way you’ve never been when my cock was inside you.”

She forced herself to focus on his face and not his honed abs, the hand that had held her in place over his lap as he spanked her, his damnable cock. The problem with that was his lips. She wanted them on her. He might be irresistible, but that didn’t mean they should spend the rest of their lives together.

Marriage wasn’t in her immediate future. She needed to finish her last semester at school, then establish her career, maybe buy a condominium or a house. When—if—she accepted a proposal, it would be from a man she’d spent a lot of time with and knew well. They’d have similar interests and shared vision for the future. She was looking for a deep, abiding love, such as her parents had. Their years of infertility and miscarriages hadn’t driven them apart. Instead, the struggle had bound them more closely together.