“Is that an invitation or a dismissal?”

“Despite what you might have believed, I was in total control of my thoughts back at the club when I asked you to make love to me.”

He signaled for the check and paid the bill.

They rode the elevator to the third floor. Then, when they were in the room, she hung out the DO NOT DISTURB sign.

This time, he closed the distance with deliberate intent. He loosened the belt of her coat and slid the garment from her shoulders. Then he kissed her the way he wanted to, coaxing a response and then deepening his probing until her mouth was wide and she leaned into him.

When he ended the kiss, she was breathless, and his hunger for her demanded satiation.

In a few calculated moves, he had her undressed. He toed off his boots and spent a few impatient seconds getting rid of his socks before she reached for his belt.

He allowed her to fumble with it long enough for her to sigh in frustration. “Allow me.” He managed to get it apart while she unbuttoned his trousers and lowered his zipper.

“You don’t wear underwear?” she asked as his trousers fell.

“Another of my many charms.”

She struggled with his T-shirt, and his patience reached its end. Lovemaking would have to wait for later. This was about staking his claim.

He captured her under her ass and lifted her from the floor. Obediently she wrapped her legs around his waist, holding on as he carried her to the bed.

She let go and landed on the mattress with a squeal, still reaching for him. Helping her out, he tugged the shirt over his head and dropped it.


He yanked off her thong and covered her hot pussy with his mouth. She arched, crying his name. He tongued her clit until her words ran together in nonsensical pleasure. “Come for me, princess.”

“I want you.” She grabbed his head.

He pressed on that tiny nub and placed his finger inside her, making sure she was wet.