“Then you are correct. I haven’t done my job satisfactorily. Please go to the table and unpack my bag.”

Intrigued, she scampered off his lap to unzip his bag. She pulled out sanitizing wipes, a bottle of water, cuffs, clamps, and a gag that he’d said he wouldn’t use on her. Reaching deeper, she extracted a blindfold and the terrifying-looking Wartenberg wheel. When she saw his paddles, she knew he was the Dom for her. One of them looked as if it was supposed to be used for ping-pong. Another was wooden with terrifying holes drilled in it. Unable to help herself, she stuck her fingers through a couple of the small round openings.

“I guessed you would like that one.”

“It looks evil.”

“Which is exactly why I assumed you’d be drawn to it.”

She continued on, laying out each item with precise spacing. By the time she was finished, she’d removed another paddle, along with a tawse, a small flogger, and a dragon’s tail.

“How brave are you?”

Willow’s glance went to the vicious paddle. She was desperate to play with all his toys. One night wouldn’t be enough. Her thoughts reeled when she realized that meant she wanted to see him again.

“Bring it to me.”

She picked it up by the handle and carried it in her upturned palms.

“Thank you.”

The note of approval in his voice as he accepted the offering heated her insides.

“Do you need me to tie you to the bench?”

“No. I give myself over to my Dom. It’s never been a struggle for me to remain in place. But if it’s something that turns you on, it’s not a limit for me.”

“Another time, perhaps.”

Her breath froze. His casual mention of a future meant his thoughts mirrored hers. She didn’t dare voice how much she hoped that came true.

“Please bend over the bench.”

Once she was in position, he asked, “Do I have your permission to touch you over your panties?”

“I thought you wanted me naked.”

“A change of heart.”