He’d been with plenty of women before, but none as unselfconscious as her.

He eased off the pressure on her nipples by degrees so that the blood didn’t return with a painful wave. There’d be plenty of time to torment her later.

She collapsed against him and dropped her head onto his shoulder. He held her, stroked her skin, and murmured, “You’re perfect.” Jax always provided aftercare for women he scened with, but he’d never enjoyed it this much.

“That was…” When she finally roused, she flattened her palm on his chest and pushed herself back. She wore a self-satisfied smile. “You’re…”

He filled in the silence. “An amazing Dom?

“How does your head fit inside a room?”

He waited for her to speak again.

“You’re pretty darn good.”

“That sounds tepid. I don’t do tepid.” He circled her tiny wrist with his fingers and returned her grin. “Challenge accepted.”

“I was hoping you’d say that.”

“You’re bewitching.” He dug his free hand into her hair to pull back her head so that she read the hungry intent in his eyes. Jax had never been hotter for a woman. “Time for your first spanking.”