What in the fuck was she thinking?

She straddled his knees, not lowering herself, but leaning her upper body toward him. “You asked for a striptease, Sir.”

What in the fuck had he been thinking?

Willow skimmed her hands up her ribs to take hold of her crop top. As she pulled it up, she gyrated her body. His cock swelled, pushing hard against his zipper. When she’d said no penetration, he’d had no idea how difficult that might prove to be.

She dropped the garment on top of his head in a brash, sassy move he admired.

Jesus. She was sexy. Her breasts were plumper than he’d thought, and her dusky nipples were large, pink, and already erect.

“Damn it, Willow. You’d better tell me you’ve never done this before.” He’d never experienced jealousy before. And now, with her, it had happened twice. It destroyed him, a hated, all-consuming emotion, blurring his vision.

As if she understood how much this mattered to him, she cradled his head. “You’re the first.”

“And the last.” He dragged her against him, patience at an end. “Give me your breasts, princess.”

“Yes.” She lowered herself onto his lap, her heat against his crotch.

Obediently she cupped one of her breasts in her palms. Driving him wild, she rubbed a nipple on his face.

He laved the swollen nub with his tongue. Her answering moan drove him on. He sucked her flesh into his mouth, increasing the pressure until she clung to him. “Rub out an orgasm.” He pinched her free nipple while he continued to torment the first. One of these days, he’d attach half a dozen clips to each of her breasts and take great pleasure in flicking them off.

An innocent seductress with no idea how powerful she was, she moved against him, moaning, then whimpering when he sucked harder.

When he sensed she was close, he switched to her other breast and squeezed the damp one hard between his thumb and forefinger.

“Oh Jax…”

His cock surged in response to her plaintive sigh, giving her something even harder to grind against. Even through her thong and his slacks, he felt her heat. She was exquisite.

Her motions grew more frantic, and he responded, pinching and sucking harder.

Less than a minute later, she tipped her head back, hair falling in wild abandon as she screamed.