They continued up the stairs. Tore, Aviana’s most trusted dungeon monitor, stood at the entrance to the private rooms, arms folded across his massive chest. Like all other monitors at the club, his black vest was adorned with a gold fleur-de-lis.

“Monitors check on the scenes from time to time,” Tore informed them.

“Thank you.” Willow nodded.

After stroking his beard, he stepped aside.

Jax rested his fingertips against her back, on her exposed skin, right above the waistband of her skirt. She hissed in a breath. And like each time they touched, sexual force pulsed through him—something alive, something he wanted to mainline.

At the entrance to their room, she waited for him open the door before preceding him inside.

The walls were painted a neutral color, which left the spanking bench as the main focus. Pleasing him, she went to it and trailed her hand across the top.

After placing his bag on the side table that was made from surgical steel, Jax dragged a chair to the center of the room. “Talk to me, Willow, at any time. You won’t be gagged.” He paused. “This time.” As certain as the sun would rise, he would dominate this innocent again.

Her tiny gasp pleased him—fear wrapped in a gentle plea.

“Now for the show you’re going to put on for me. Please remove your shoes.” He sat and steepled his hands in front of him.

He expected some hesitation. To his delight, she showed none. She wanted this as much as he did.

With her gaze on him, watching his reactions, she lifted one foot and tugged off the black stiletto. She had exquisite balance, and she had taken his words about a striptease to heart. The shoe fell to the floor with a sensuous thud.

She repeated the process with the second shoe before scooping them up and tucking them beneath his chair.

He inhaled her fresh scent. It reminded him of spring. Rebirth and hope. Over the years of being surrounded by people as ambitious as he was, she provided a respite he hadn’t known he needed.

Willow returned to where she’d been standing and reached behind her to lower the zipper on her skirt. She let go of the leather all at once, sending it swishing past her hips.

She stood before him in a T-back thong, the barest scrap of lace covering her pussy.

Rather than revealing that bit of herself, she moved closer to him.