“I’m not going to answer that.”

Which meant it was pretty damn often, something he intended to put an immediate stop to. He tightened his grip on his bag. Another valuable lesson. Never ask a question unless you wanted to hear the answer.

Near a Saint Andrew’s cross, her steps slowed, and she touched his forearm. “Can we watch for a moment?”

“Of course.” It was the first time she’d touched him without his prompting. At this point, he’d gift wrap the moon and offer it to her on a star.

A pretty submissive was secured with her back to the X-shaped frame. She was blindfolded, and dozens of clothespins pinched tiny pieces of skin. Her Dom was flicking them off one at a time with a crop, each stroke making her scream in agony.

Surprising him, Willow’s mouth was parted and her eyes were glazed. He had no doubt she would enjoy sensation play, even though she hadn’t indulged before.

When all of the clips had clattered to the concrete floor, Willow exhaled, and she dropped her hand. There was so much he wanted to introduce her to, so many places they could go together. “Are you ready to go on?”

They walked through the dungeon and pushed open the door leading to the U-shaped part of the Quarter and the stairs to the second floor. It was much quieter. Much more intimate.

When they were halfway up, they paused at the landing. From here it was possible to survey the entire club. The dungeon was a hive of activity, thumping in time to the music.

Two rooms were occupied in Kinky Avenue. In one, a sub wearing a thong and pasties was fastened into the stocks, and her gaze was fixed on the Dom in front of her as he sorted through his collection of canes.

“Perfect for voyeurs,” Jax said.

“Is that one of your kinks?”

“From time to time, yes. I enjoy participating, but I also admit I love watching a woman surrender. I get a kick from all of her reactions, joy, fear.” Willow’s head was tipped back. Her hazel eyes were wide, and her wariness had been replaced with interest, stroking his already massive ego. “I’m particularly looking forward to watching the striptease you’re going to perform for me.”

Color danced onto her face. For a woman who was bold enough to visit the Quarter and ask strange men to flog her, she had an air of innocence about her. He appreciated the fact that she had a no-penetration rule. It meant he didn’t have to look at every Dom with suspicion and find out whose ass he needed to kick. “Have you seen enough?”

She swallowed. “Yes. I’m ready.”