“Over the knee? Or tied to a spanking bench?”

Either. Both. What the hell was wrong with her?

“When you make an arrangement with a Dom, what do you tell him?”

She crossed her legs and took the opportunity to tighten her pelvic muscles. Even though she didn’t want to be, Willow was horny for this overbearing man.

“I’m waiting.”

“Of course, I let him know that my safe word is red, like the club’s. And I use yellow for slow. And absolutely no physical penetration.”

“That includes no ass play?”

She shook her head so fast that her hair swung around her face. “Not ever.”

“Is your hypothetical Dom allowed to touch your clit?”

His question sucked the air from her lungs. Her father’s friend was asking this? And worse, she was going to answer. “I’ve never said yes to that before.”

“But you’d be open to it?”

Am I? She glanced at his ridiculously big hand. His finger would be rough against her skin. She tried to speak, but no words emerged.

“Would he be allowed to wedge your panties between your legs and use the fabric to get you off?”

She grabbed her drink and gulped down enough that she coughed.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” A wry laugh wrapped around his words.

Willow slammed her glass back onto the napkin much harder than she’d intended to.

“Do you like to orgasm during a scene? Or do you just like to get lost?”

“Lost,” she replied. “I don’t think I’m able to.”

He leaned forward. “Can you clarify what you mean?”

What was it about him that invited her to reveal more than she wanted to? With other Doms, she’d drawn the line at penetration, and they’d agreed. No one had asked for more information. “Well, I mean… I never have. Orgasmed at a club.”

“Has anyone else used sensation play with you?”