His To Cherish

Only her innocence could save him… 

Jaded financier Philip Dettmer vowed never to love again—until a chance encounter with the beautifully innocent Emma Monroe tempts him beyond reason.

Emma blushes furiously when the billionaire catches her in an elevator holding a copy of the scandalous novel taking the world by storm. Before she can escape, he stuns her with a once-in-a lifetime chance to bring her forbidden fantasies to life.

No one is more shocked than Philip when she accepts his invitation to join him at the Quarter, New Orleans’s most exclusive club. But as they begin their exploration of Dominance and submission, from page to bedroom, she knows one taste will never be enough.

They find themselves swept up in each other, as her trust and love unravel the bonds of cynicism that have consumed him for so long. Now he’s vowing to be her first—and her last—no matter the cost.