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Best Book Rating by LASRSierra’s book, With This Collar, has been reviewed by Long and Short Reviews (LASR) and received a “BEST BOOK” rating!

Whatever I write, my review isn’t going to do Sierra Cartwright’s novel With this Collar justice. Well written and insanely hot, With this Collar, is the first book in the Mastered series (as a matter a fact if it didn’t say on the cover page that it was part of a series I never would have known) and kept me glued to the pages since page one.

The main character, Julia, is cast into the BDSM lifestyle when her best friend gets married to a Dom and like many people, she is filled with preconceived erroneous notions about what BDSM is. What I loved about Julia is that I could relate with her in a lot of ways. Her thoughts and internal dialogues feel real, as well as her search for “a nice guy” just because that’s the norm (and because her ex was a dominant ass).

The hero, Master Marcus is dreamy. He takes it upon himself to teach Julia how wrong she is about BDSM, and needless to say succeeds. Both sizzling and caring when he needs to be, he made me swoon and sigh along with Julia.

With This CollarOne of the things I liked best about this book was the way Cartwright had of explaining the BDSM lifestyle. Through Marcus and his “obsession” of talking through everything, the author not only walked Julia across different types of BDSM relationships, safe words, differences between subs and slaves but also myself as the reader. To boot, she managed to make all of that “talking” erotic and not dense or boring!

Beyond the BDSM, it is wonderful to see the romance that builds between the characters, as it does not differ in any way to any other romance. Like in any relationship, there are doubts and there is the fear to lose yourself in that love and that is clearly seen in the case of Julia. Furthermore, it is wonderful to watch the way the character’s evolve, especially Julia’s growth.

I’m definitely looking forward to the next installment in this Mastered series and will be rereading With This Collar while I wait, for it is a great scorching love story well worth reading at any time.

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