A tremor rocked through Willow, feeding desire. Discovering impact play had liberated her in a way nothing else had. At school, at her parents’ home, expectations were lovingly heaped on her. But once she entered a dungeon, she unleashed her inhibitions. She asked for what she wanted and savored each moment. She refused to allow Jax’s threat to unburden his soul and admit he’d despoiled Brian Henderson’s daughter to ruin her evening. Right now, she craved her temporary Dom’s touch.

When he drove away Stefan, she’d been pissed. But her breasts ached in a way they never had before. Other Doms were competent and had given her what she asked for, yet Jax had taken the time to notice what she liked in someone else’s scene. That he’d given her an orgasm before they’d really started made any future consequences worth it.

“We’ll begin with my hand.”

Her favorite. He had been paying attention.

“You’re going to like it.” Certainty made his voice rough. “Ask for it.”

“Please, Jax.” Since he still gripped her hair and her wrist, she recognized his strength. Terrifying. Delicious. “Spank me.”

His eyes flared.

He released her suddenly. Within seconds, she was over his lap, breath whooshing from her lungs. Yes. She touched her fingers to the smooth wood floor as anticipation unfurled. He stroked her thighs and buttocks in a warm-up that she’d be fine with skipping.

His first few smacks were gentle, and she shifted restlessly, rising onto her toes and all but pressing her buttocks into his hands.

He chuckled. “I told you I’m in charge.”

The next smack blazed. She went rigid. It damn well hurt. And she exhaled in relief now that he’d established his dominance.

“My speed, princess.”

“Yes, yes. Your speed, Jax.”

Point made, he continued the spanking in a rhythmic, ritualistic way. He covered her skin with kisses of pain, rubbing some away while exploiting others.

Once her brain acknowledged he was trustworthy, she closed her eyes in surrender.

The spanking was the best of her life. He went on forever, holding her tight to keep her in position and making her cry out even as she sighed her satisfaction.