Great to Work With Belinda McBride and Cherise Sinclair on “Doms”

Wow! Was I ever honored when I received an invite to participate in the Doms of Dark Haven anthology!

The masterminds were the super talented Belinda McBride and the famous Cherise Sinclair.

From the moment I heard about it, I was hooked.

Here was the idea…
Take an incredibly dominant and sexy Xavier, owner and liege of a BDSM club in San Francisco.

It would be theme night at the club, so the characters would have these fabulous costumes.

And the book would consist of three different stories.

They’d all feature hunky doms and spirited submissives.

I fell in love with the idea!

The the real genius ideas started.

Let’s throw in some characters that readers already knew. Let’s make each novella a standalone, but let’s have them intersect to create a complex overarching storyline.

We’ve been fortunate! Doms of Dark Haven has received critical acclaim. The book is a finalist in the Epic contest. And you have responded favorably…and really, that’s why we wrote it, hoping that you would love our heroes and root for them like we did.

Thank you!