Willow’s favorite song blasted through the room, dragging her from her sleep. Who the hell was calling her so early? She glanced over at the phone’s screen. Dad. Of course. Who else would it be? Obviously after slipping from bed before dawn with a promise to return with drinks, Jax had called her father.

She tossed a pillow on top of the device, trying to shut out its happy, annoying tune.

After three more rings, it fell silent, and she was on edge as she waited for her dad to try again.

Knowing she wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep, she propped pillows behind her and sat up. She’d been well and truly sucked into Jaxon’s vortex. She didn’t regret their scene or offering him her virginity. With him, she had completion that she’d never experienced before. On the other hand, no man had ever irritated her more. Why the hell did he have to be a self-proclaimed knight in shining armor?

The phone rang again. She couldn’t dodge her father all day. Her voice tight with fake sincerity, she answered. “Morning, Dad.”

“Congratulations, Willow.”

She dragged the blanket around her bare breasts. How much did he know? Afraid to unintentionally reveal something, she kept her mouth shut.

“Jaxon asked for permission to marry you. Of course, your mother wishes she had more time…”

What? Her father’s voice buzzed in her ears, but she couldn’t make out a single word.

“But she finds Jax’s suggestion agreeable.”

She shook her head. “Wait. Can you repeat that? What suggestion?”

Her dad sighed. “She’s agreeable to a private ceremony in the next month or so, but she wants you to have the full church wedding and big reception later. She thinks it will take at least a year to plan it.”

The vortex tightened around her.

“I’d put your mother on, but she’s busy talking to her friends and searching for venues. She’s thinking about the Sterling Downtown. Their rooftop atrium, perhaps? Jax mentioned you don’t have time to be involved in many of the decisions because of your studies.”

Good of him.

She pulled the covers over her head. She’d been right when she said she was going to end up hating him.

“I’ll let you get back to your future husband.”

“I haven’t agreed yet.”

“Oh.” Silence echoed. “Well, then. Do keep us posted. Your mother will need as much time as she can get.”