He’d never been more charmed. “Here.” Jax helped her off him before he started stroking his cock. She turned on her side to watch, and her scrutiny was so damn sexy. “Want to do it?” he asked. When she nodded, he removed his hand and allowed her to take over.

“This is nice, but I’d like you inside me.”

“Say no more.”

She wriggled onto her back, and he rolled on top of her. He slid a finger inside her pussy to arouse her again before easing in. His fierce virgin with the kind heart was his undoing.

Willow moved with him, unselfconscious of her sighs of pleasure. In a scene or in bed, she was freer than she was anywhere else. Her pussy clenched, and he wondered if she would come again.

He readjusted himself to press a finger against her clit and she jerked, crying out a climax. No doubt the ice had made her nerve endings more sensitive. Which was all the reason he needed to keep a supply close at hand.

Consumed with her, he gave in to his own orgasm. It rocketed through him, more powerful than the one before. The more they knew each other, the deeper their connection grew.

He traced her nose. “I meant it earlier. The gift of your virginity…the way you respond to me. I would never get over you.”

For a few minutes, he held her before realizing a warm bath would probably do her a world of good.

It took some time to convince her it was okay for them to share the bathroom. Once she sank into the tub of steaming water and closed her eyes, she no longer seemed to care that he entered the shower.

“You were right,” she said, watching him while he dried off. “I needed this.”

She stayed in there long enough that she needed to top off the hot water. The mirror had steamed over before she reluctantly accepted his hand to help her out of the tub.

He dried her off, then took her to bed, naked.

“This feels naughty. And I might freeze.”

“I’ll keep you warm,” he promised.

She rested her head on his biceps and he snuggled her close and drew up a sheet.

“I’ve never done this.”

“Slept with a man? Slept in the nude?”