Then he selected another piece of ice. “Hands behind your back, princess. And if you lose balance, you can grab my shoulders, but you can’t attempt to push me away.”

Gaze riveted on his hand, she nodded and did as he said. He tongued her pussy, and she moaned in surrender. His caveman instinct flared, and he renewed his internal vow to have her down the aisle and his ring on her finger within the week.

She grabbed him for support. “Cold and heat… God. Yes. I can’t think.”

He tossed the remaining ice chip into the bucket. Her pussy was red, and he inhaled the intoxicating musk of her arousal.

He pushed to his feet and backed her onto the bed. He hurriedly dropped his clothes, not caring where they landed. “Condom.”

Willow searched around for it and finally offered it to him.

“You do it,” he instructed.

“I’ve never done it before.”

The first touch of her hand on his dick almost made him shoot off. “Stop. On second thought, that’s not a good idea.” His words were gruffer than he intended.

It took him much longer to get the damn thing on than it ever had before. Before sliding into her, he took a breath to put himself back in control.

With slow, gentle motions, he moved inside her.

“Jax, faster,” she urged. “That ice…your mouth.”

“I want to be sure your pussy isn’t too tender.”

“I’m fine,” she insisted, eyes flashing, digging her hands into his hair to pull him toward her.

Her urgency rocked him, and he wanted to give her more power. “Why don’t we try something different?”


“You’ll like it.” Since she was so much smaller and lighter, he was able to reverse their positions with minimal effort, and within seconds she was astride him.


“Yeah. This way you can set the pace.” He fisted his cock and held it while she lowered herself toward him.

“I feel awkward.”