Jax lifted her from the floor, and she wrapped her legs around his waist and grabbed hold of his shoulders.

His eyes were predatory.

“I’m not scared of you.” Because she knew he had her, she fed her fingers into his thick hair.

“You need to touch me more often.” He claimed her mouth, tasting of possession.

Willow dragged in the scent of him, that of sex and confidence. She ached for him.

Somehow, he managed to get her to the bed, but before he could unknot her shirttails, a loud knock on the door interrupted them. “Better now than later?” she asked.

“For damn sure.”

He tipped the bellman and wished the man a good night.

Once the PRIVACY PLEASE sign was hanging from the knob, Jax closed the door. He slid the ice bucket onto the nightstand, then placed the toy bag on top of her suitcase. “Since you’re here for another day, I’ve decided to extend my stay. We can explore the city, go back to Quarter if you wish. Get some decent food.” He pulled out the box of condoms, opened it, and dumped out the three packages. “Maybe I should have bought a second box.”

He tossed one of the condoms on the mattress. “This time, I want to undress you.” He pointed to a spot on the floor right in front of him. “Come here, Willow.”