He eased back to hold her head between his hands. “No. I can’t, Willow, as much as I want to.” Honor was the only thing that provided him with the strength to deny her.

He’d paddled her hard, and when he helped her up, the sight of the tear tracks staining her face told him she’d been lost in her pleasure. If he fucked her now, he’d be taking advantage of her vulnerable state. But if she asked again outside of the club? He would never be able to resist.

“You’re refusing me?” Her voice was soft with rejection.

“I’m trying to be a hero,” he countered.


“Fuck, princess. Have some mercy. I’d do damn near anything to please you. But I agreed to your rules.” He had to hold on to the fraying thread of resolve.

“I’ve changed my mind about penetration.”

“My beautiful Willow. You’re not in any condition to give consent right now.”

She sighed out her vexation. And his demanding cock was strangled in his slacks.

Jax held her for a long time, until her breathing returned to normal. Then he helped her to dress.

She grabbed hold of his forearm for support as she slipped into her shoes.

“Give me a minute to clean up the room.”

“Isn’t the sub supposed to do that?”

“Yeah. But princesses don’t.”

She gave him a half smile. Was it his imagination, or did the room get brighter? After wiping down the bench, he packed his bag before asking, “Where are you staying?”

“Nearby.” She adjusted her skirt. She was back in control and obviously stinging from his denial. “It’s close enough to walk. I’ll see myself back. Thank you for a nice evening.”

“Don’t you fucking dare.”


“You’re not dismissing me, Willow.” He was pissed. “I will see you safely back to your hotel.”

“You made it clear that we were done.” She pulled back her hair and twisted it into some kind of knot.