Frowning, she lifted her head to look back over her shoulder.

A small smile toyed with his lips. “Safer for both of us.”

The knowledge that he wanted her was an aphrodisiac.

“I’m asking for your consent.”

She’d been so consumed with thinking about him that she’d forgotten to answer. “Yes. You may touch my clit through my panties.”

Once again he warmed her up before picking up the paddle. Willow closed her eyes and exhaled, pushing away all stray thoughts so she could focus on the heady mix of pleasure and pain.

He worked his way up and down each thigh and covered each buttock with light taps, and even those were worse than most of the leather paddles she’d experienced. He started over, repeating his pattern but with a few random, unexpected strikes.

She was breathless when he grabbed her panties and yanked them higher, wedging them in her pussy. The sensation was sharp, in such a good way. She wanted to come already.

“You’re wet.”

There was no need to answer.

He rubbed her clit, and it couldn’t have seared more if he’d touched her bare skin.

She pushed back, silently begging for more. Instead of giving it to her, Jax moved his hand to the middle of her back. He kept a physical connection between them as he blazed her skin. The wood whistled through the air with each strike. Her whimpers turned to sobs from the force of the release he gave her.

When it was over, he helped her to stand. Her knees wobbled, and she grabbed his forearm for support. She caught sight of them in the mirror. Her hair was a mess, her eyes were wide, and tears streaked her face. Her ass was red, and a few of the lines were deep enough to linger.

Then their gazes met. He looked at her with possession and hunger in his narrowed eyes. “No man but me will ever do this to you.”

“Jax,” she whispered, turning to him, only him. “I need you to make love to me.”


Aching to bury his cock deep inside her and drive away the hunger threatening to devour them both, Jax folded her into his arms and held her until she stopped shaking.

“Will you?”