She slipped from the stool and very nearly into his arms.

Fuck if he didn’t want her there.

Together, they walked back to the main reception area. Aviana wasn’t near the podium, but Trinity was. He knew very little about the woman, and he suspected she liked it that way. Her hair was a sleek hot-pink bob that fell over her face, often shielding her completely. Her eyes were violet, a color that didn’t exist in nature. And always, she wore a tight-fitting catsuit, either vinyl or PVC.

She greeted them with a smile. “Something I can help you with, sir?”

“We’d like a private room.”

Trinity brushed back her hair and tucked it behind her ear. “You’re consenting, ma’am?”

Had everyone heard about the minor altercation at the bar?

“Yes.” Willow nodded. “Thank you for asking, Trinity.”

Trinity grabbed a book from a shelf in the podium, then logged them in. “Room five.”

“My lucky number.”

“Please check back when you’re done.”

After a promise to do so, he led Willow toward the coat-check room to collect his toy bag.

While they waited, Willow turned toward him. “Five’s your lucky number?”



“I earned five bucks for first video I shot. Kid at school was skateboarding, he wanted to see himself.”

“Hustling even back then.”

“Five led to fifty. Then five hundred.” And broken bones, but an unshakable determination.

The clerk returned with his bag. Jax gave a tip, then looked at Willow. “Ready?”


Her breathing had evened out, letting him know that she’d moved past her frustration—at least for the moment. He liked seeing this relaxed side of her.

They pushed through the frosted-glass door into the dungeon and were swallowed by the pulsing sounds and sights. “How often do you attend?”