Her nerves were shattered. Even though she didn’t intend to, she plucked the straw from the glass just so she had something to toy with. “No.”

“Is it something you want to try?”

“Maybe. I mean, we’re talking hypothetically, right? It would depend on a few things, such as whether the right Dom asked.” She was leading a dangerous dance. Flirting, considering. Despite the warnings bouncing around inside her head, she couldn’t stop herself from wanting to make a mistake with him.

“What toys do you like?”

“Nothing too intense. Paddles are okay. Hairbrushes, wooden spoons.” With other Doms, they were inanimate objects, but when she spoke with him, she couldn’t help but imagine him holding the implements. Round and round, she twisted the straw.

“A devil’s tail?”

“I haven’t tried one.”

“You might like it. A tiny bite, maybe a bit more. Can be used with extreme precision and in tight, even intimate places. The red lines it leaves behind are rather appealing.”


“Tell me what you’re thinking.”

“I like the way those implements cover a wider area. There’s a”—she sought out a description that made sense, something that was complicated since she hadn’t thought it through herself—“I guess an oomph factor. The impact forces my body forward. It’s an instinctive reaction. And the way it hurts, and the marks…” Thinking about it left her needy. She had to scene tonight. Had to.

He nodded slowly, taking in her words. “Since you’ve mentioned the Saint Andrew’s cross, I’m also assuming you’re familiar with a flogger.”

“Yes. But heavier ones. The way the falls wrap around my sides…they cover so much area, you know. So many impact points, things happening all at the same time. It’s a lot to take in. Too much, even.”

“You like that.”

“Yeah.” She breathed out, wondering if he sensed her dreaminess.

“Anything else you want me to know?”

Dare she? “My favorite is a—”she cleared her throat—“an open hand.” His. Jaxon Mills was a commanding presence. At six-two, maybe six-three, he was taller than most men she knew. No doubt, he was capable of delivering what she wanted, maybe better than anyone else had. The question was, would he?