Book Three: Over The Line

He saw her grit her teeth, but she said nothing. He’d hit a nerve demanding she conform to the smallest of courtesies, and he’d remember that. “Do you like impact play?”

Before he could ask further questions, she said, “I find an open-handed spanking to be really pleasurable. I also like belts.” She glanced at his waist.

Oh, yeah. He’d happily lay the leather across her rear.

She was quiet for a moment, maybe as discombobulated as he was. And he realized she had an air of vulnerability that she tried to hide. Others probably missed it, but he was glad he hadn’t.

“I’m also fine with a shoe or a ruler,” she said, her words a hurried rush as if she were attempting to cover the uncomfortable silence. “Anything, really. Feel free to be creative. I’m okay with a flogger, open to trying a bull whip and cane. There isn’t a position I’m averse to, over the knee, or a table, or a bed. Standing, kneeling over a spanking bench. Did I miss anything?”

“The Sir at the end of the sentence.”

“Of course. Sir.” She gave him another of her sunny smiles.

No wonder she ate other Doms for breakfast. She seemed so guileless, he’d bet it would be difficult for some men to hold her accountable. “Clamps?”

She nodded. “The harder the better. As you’re probably gathering, I find it easier to get off when there’s erotic pain involved.”

“Anal plugs?”

She fidgeted then said, “If you insisted, I’d try it.”

“No one has claimed your ass?” he asked, stunned.


That he would be the first to place something up there made him even harder, and his erection pressed against his jeans. He wanted to readjust his cock, but he reminded himself to focus on her. There were a few other things he needed to know before they got started. “Handcuffs?”

“Any kind of bondage,” she said.

“I’ve haven’t lassoed a woman.” He paused. “Yet.”

Her eyes widened. “Sounds interesting.”