Book Three: Over The Line

He shook his head. The charming Ms Wallace was trying to goad him, and he appreciated her efforts. Rather than responding, he changed the subject, “Why do you scene?”


“You’ve thought about it, surely?”

“I guess I’m always wondering where my limits are, and I like to transcend them. I mountain climb. White water river raft. I did a triathlon, and I’m competing in an upcoming mud race, you know, running up a mountain then doing obstacle courses, under barbed wire, over a wooden wall. My team is doing it for charity.”

He was forced to look at her more objectively. His initial urge had been to care for her. Now he wondered if she could kick his ass. Maybe Gregorio had been right to issue warnings. “What’s your safe word?”


Of course it was.

“You don’t need to know why.”

“Okay.” He figured he already knew, but he looked forward to her telling him tomorrow morning over coffee. “How about a code for slowing down?”

“I don’t believe in that.”

“In that case, we’ll use the word caution.”

She sighed. “If I have to have one, how about we use the word turtle?”

He thumbed his hat. “I think I’ve just been insulted.”

“Not at all. That would be rude. I’m just saying that turtles are slow.”

Not only was she attractive, but quick-witted and intelligent. It had been a long time since a woman had appealed to him on multiple levels. “How do you feel about public play?”

She hesitated for a second. “I’ve never tried it.”

“Are you willing to?”

“I suppose.”

“I prefer a yes or no answer,” he told her. “Unless you’d rather talk about it?”

“No. I mean yes.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Yes, Sir,” she dutifully repeated.

“Good girl.”