Walk on the Wild Side

Walk On The Wild Side

On a night filled with trick or treating, Brianna Duncan’s about to get the treat of her life. She’s wanted to take a walk on the wild side, and Halloween gives her the perfect opportunity.

She’s been interested in the BDSM lifestyle, and when her hunk of a husband-to-be brings home a scandalous, skimpy outfit and tells her it’s the costume for the party they’re going to, she’s nervous, and more than a little tantalised.

Not only does Justin have treats in store for Brianna, he’s got some leather and tawse in his bag of tricks and they’re both determined that this won’t be just an ordinary Halloween.



Brianna felt as if she had fallen down a rabbit hole into an alternate universe. She doubly wished she had a drink.

“Another, sir?” the waiter asked, appearing at Justin’s side. The man hadn’t missed a trick. And if she were going to be any kind of servant to please him, she had a long way to go.

Justin accepted a second glass and completely ignored her. Now wasn’t this fun?

“Justin! Bloody glad you made it.”

Brianna was all-but ignored by the man who joined them. He shook Justin’s hand in an enthusiastic welcome.

Justin was tall, but this man towered over him by a good handful of centimetres. He was lean, and all at once she recognised him as a footballer. How in the hell did Justin know someone who played for Manchester United? And was this his house?

“And this must be Brianna.”

Suddenly, consumingly, she was the centre of their attention. The music seemed to recede and the only sound was the echo of her own heartbeat. Now, she wished for the comfort of anonymity again.

“You were right. She is beautiful.”

She didn’t know how to behave. Offer her hand? Lower her eyes?

“Brianna, Tommy Stott.”

As if she didn’t know.

“Is she trained?”

“Obviously not. Otherwise she wouldn’t be standing.”

Oh. A clue as to how to behave. Right. She was Sherlock Holmes tonight.

She quickly, awkwardly, lowered herself to her knees. No one would ever call her “Grace.” But Justin didn’t seem displeased.

“May I touch?”

Forget the sound of her heartbeat. She couldn’t breathe. There was no heartbeat to hear.

Justin paused for a moment, and she knew he was giving her time to use her safe word. But she didn’t. She wanted that walk on the wild side. Even though her mouth was dry as cotton baking in the sun, she wanted this.

“Please,” Justin said in invitation.

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Walk on the Wild Side