Unbound Commitment

Unbound CommitmentHe wanted more than her body, he wanted her complete submission, her abject, on-her-knees surrender. Rachel craves excitement and pleasures she’s only dreamed of. She wants to experience the height of ecstasy, and when her friend says there’s a man who can offer all that and more, she’s intrigued – intrigued enough to trick him into believing she’s much more than a novice.

It takes Sir James about two minutes to realize the vulnerable woman on her knees is inexperienced. Even though he’s angry at being deceived, there’s something about her that captivates him. Despite his reservations, he agrees to train her in the finer arts of pleasuring a Master – of pleasuring him. Rachel never dreamed he would demand so much. Sir James won’t be satisfied until she offers everything sacred, including her heart.

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