Three-way Tie

Three Way Tie

Lindsey wins a weekend with a renowned Dom, and when she arrives, she is stunned to discover there are two men to tie her up and give her the experience of a lifetime.

Two Doms? Lindsey has no idea what to do with one renowned, unyielding, strict dominant, but when she wins a weekend with Master Rafael, she’s shocked to learn he’s invited Master Eric to join him. One sexy Dom is beyond her experience, but two gorgeous hunks focused entirely on her…?

Rafael and Eric are determined to give Lindsey the BDSM experience of her lifetime. It’s not enough just to pleasure her physically, they won’t be satisfied unless she completes the ultimate emotional and mental journey into subspace.

In one unbelievable weekend, they take her to the edge of her limits, testing her endurance in a way only two skilled men working together can.


SubspaceOr as Anthology:


  • Three-Way Tie‘ by Sierra Cartwright
  • ‘Head Games‘ by Desiree Holt
  • His Landlady‘ by Jan Irving
  • The Science of Submission‘ by Justine Elyot
  • Away From It All‘ by Elizabeth Coldwell
  • The Accidental Sub‘ by Mina Doria